Time is precious and I understand that sometimes your busy schedule doesn’t allow you to visit me. Social and business life can be easily disconnected. At the same time, to keep your business running smooth and without stress you should reward yourself, for that reason I’m available worldwide. I’d love to please you in all possible ways. Let me introduce you to my world! Fly me to you…

Stress Free Day

Let’s enjoy the entire day late into the evening without hurry; £3,000.00

Stress Free Day + Overnight

Together we can enjoy the entire day and night. Definitely we can make it unforgettable and then wake up in the best mood and also with a little spiced touch before saying goodbye; £4,000.00

3 Days Trip

Few days together can be perfect to explore the town & each other desires; £6,500.00

5 Days Vacation/Business trip companion

I will make it a trip that you will never forget. Going on a vacation or even a business trip? After long and stressful meetings, nothing better then return every evening to your hotel room and face me waiting for you in a very seductive and relaxing atmosphere. I’m the perfect lover companion; £10,000.00

  • Adjustable times to suit what works for your requirements;
  • 50% deposit is required for any private trip;
  • Travel costs must also be paid in advance and it’s not included in the above fees;
  • Cancelations with less then 2 weeks notice are not refundable. Travel costs are also not refundable once the air companies and/or travel agencies doesn’t give that option;

The possibilities are limitless! Stop think and let’s make it happen… Schedule now! CLICK HERE